There is a lot of crossover between true crime and horror as any B movie fan can tell you.  Fresh Eyes is exactly what the name implies; a fresh look at crime, paranormal, the cross over, and reviews of popular media in which those themes appear.

The decades long success of Scooby Doo and to the television series Medium, Ghost Whisperer, and to some extent Charmed show the enduring relationship between crime and paranormal.  Often the Halliwell sisters would find that the murders that their close friend Inspector Darrell Morris was investigating were demon related and they would be called upon to stop the demon in question.  A good bit of humor can also be added to the mix as the attempt to catch an Egyptian necromancer played by Adrian Paul in a string of murders convinced the sisters to have their white lighter morph into the killer to aid Darrell in getting a promotion and also allowed them time to deal with the real necromancer.

However some of the most disturbing B movies mesh the genres the best.  Dahmer vs Gacy brings the two notorious serial killers back from the dead as they relaunch their murderous ways even if the original idea was for one to capture the other when an experiment goes awry.


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