Fresh Eyes takes a look at paranormal and crime with the unjaded eye of a student rather than a seasoned investigator.  Editor and founder Kristina Stancil has had a life long obsession with crime, paranormal, and the way the two interact in real life as well as in fiction.  As a young child she was fascinated with the lack of Halloween related attractions in the Arkansas town in which she grew up as well as the murder of a doctor’s wife long before she was born.  She even saw the ghost of a lady in a white night gown standing on the roof of the house in which the woman was murdered.  The house has long since been torn down but the obsession with ghosts had already been firmly implanted.  The local NBC affiliate for years ran a series of haunted tales from around the state and Kristina has visited a few.  The one place that she has not visited is Texarkana, despite on three occasions being within a couple hours of the Town that Dreaded Sundown she did not venture to cross the border.

Texarkana, Arkansas’ notorious serial killer shares many similarities with The Zodiac Killer and the connection will be one of the first investigations on this site.